Clown Trump

A new American president in town

Clown Trump

America has a new president in town.
He is behaving like a real clown.

Signing executive orders left right and center.
He is not unlike a stentor.

A stentor is sedentary trump(et)-shaped single-celled organism.
Unlike Trump the stentor lacks egotism and sexism.

He loves to blow his own trump(et).
And treats everybody like his puppet.

He certainly doesn't like Mexicans.
Although he has a love affair with the Russians.

He might have won the election.
But he has no clear direction.

The media doesn't give him any affection.
Maybe he should do some introspection.

He is going to build the wall.
Of course the Mexicans are going to pay for it all.

We make America great again.
That was his whole election campaign.

The republicans must be cringing.
It is time to start the impeaching.

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