Budget Speech 2017

Budget Speech

Budget Speech 2017

The budget speech is a balancing act.
For you and me it will have an impact.

I can tell you the minister of finance hasn't been relaxing.
Quite the opposite as working out the budget is really taxing.

We are not talking millions or billions.
He has to juggle trillions.

Numbers to big for our president to understand.
Lucky our finance minister is an old hand.

He is the gatekeeper of our treasure chest.
He knows how to spend it best.

Spending the money is the easy part.
Finding the money however is a piece of art.

Take too much and he will offend.
Take to little and he will have nothing to spend.

South Africa's finances are very distressed.
So we can only hope for the best.

But in our finance minister we have to trust.
Because he will do us just.

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