Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine

It was great while it lasted watching the clouds pass by.
Relaxed in my own space just the clouds, stars and the sky.

Reflecting on the day(s) past.
Experiencing an emotional roller coaster with ups and downs so fast.

It felt great myself, the clouds and nothing else, it made perfect sense.
The feeling was intense.

Then the rude awakening.
My phone started to ring.

It was my wife asking if I was still awake and feeling okay.
I felt I was in a good space so I couldn't tell her nay.

The clouds floated by for another half hour or so keeping me in my own space.
But then it had to come to end I had to come back to planet earth and show my face.

It was past ten so I had the nurses up in arms.
Not knowing where I was and setting of alarms.

I just wish i could have a little bit more time.
On cloud nine.

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