Life its is your choice


Life its is your choice

From the moment of your existence you are on a (hell of a) ride.
It was no choice of your own but you have to take it within your stride.

There are moments life seems easy, happy and everything moves well.
Then you hit this bumpy ride and life feels like hell.

Although it was no choice of your own to be part of this madness.
You will have to make sense of it to deal with its vastness.

It is not easy to be alive and you're faced with decisions and choices but they are part of your survival.
Many a time you make the right choice and I guarantee you will make plain silly choices which might be your downfall.

Then it is up to you to pick up the pieces, with some help,hits and a miss.
It might seem easy to make one final choice to leave it all and call it quits.

Think twice before calling it quits as it is final and non reversible and never well timed.
But if taking this choice know who and what you leave behind.

It is your choice make the right one.
As it might be your last one.

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