My Battle Confusion

My Battle

My Battle Confusion

I can't complain about life.
I am healthy and alive.

But there is this part in me which I don't understand.
It is killing me slowly and sometimes dead is the only thing I want.

I am hurting a lot of loved ones when I feel like this.
I wish it was different and I try to resist it.

But I have to admit I struggle so once in a while.
Sometimes i wish I lived on this small isle.

Away from every one where I don't have to confront my life.
But it is not the solution as I still have a loving daughter and wife.

Dead is final and is probably not the solution.
In these dark days my mind is full of confusion.

I really try to change but life sometimes catches you off guard.
Unfortunately I am not always very well prepared for that.

And so the cycle repeats itself.
But I hope over time I can improve my self.

Please love me for whom I am faults and all.
Just remember I have a place in my hearth for all.

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