America First South Africa Second

South Africa Second

America First South Africa Second

Dear Mr President of the United States of America.
This is an unofficial message from the great Republic of South Africa.

We know you love pussies we have some big ones you should grab one.
It will be fun, they are lions it might be your last one.

We know your are a great businessman.
But our president is a great politician.

We don't have Mexicans, just a lot of Indians.
Oh and we got lots of Nigerians.

The Nigerians are as bad as the Mexicans.
So we totally understand the Americans.

We love Zimbabwe our neighbour.
After all they supply us with cheap illegal labour.

We understand you love to build a big wall.
We got one in Nkandla, a kraal and our president paid for it all.

Your face is very orange, we love it it is so great.
After all we used to have a province called the Orange Freestate.

America has some great buildings but the greatest of them all is Trump Towers.
South Africa has the Fairview Winery with one of the most famous goat towers.

We understand America First.
How about South Africa Second.

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